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General Information

The attorney exam for certification and specialization in Juvenile Law is scheduled for mid-October at the Frank Erwin Special Events Center in Austin. There is a $250 exam fee for each exam an applicant is approved to take, and it is not paid until an applicant is approved to take the exam.

Certification applicants will be notified by mail in August whether he or she is approved to sit for the attorney exam. Approved applicants must return the exam registration form, a check for the exam fee, and a disciplinary affidavit to update the application. This information will be sent along with the letter notifying the applicant of his or her approval to sit for the exam.

Past exams will not be available for review. However, TBLS provides a list of Exam Specifications (see below).


Standards for Attorney Certification are established by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization after approval of the Supreme Court of Texas. The standards include general requirements which apply to all specialty areas and specific requirements which would apply specifically to juvenile law.

Exam Specifications

Click here to view a comprehensive overview of the Juvenile Law Exam Specifications (in adobe acrobat format) provided by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. These specifications are updated annually. If you have any questions regarding the Specifications, please contact Denise Treece Schumann with TBLS.


Click here for a complete application for Juvenile Law Specialization. Please note that applications are updated on an annual basis and will be posted in the Fall on the Texas Board of Legal Specialization's website.

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